Our Story

Since back in Korea, I grew up seeing my mother running successful restaurants. One day, one of the workers in the kitchen could not show up and I wanted to help out. That was the first time I tried cooking and I loved it. I was in high school. Even after college, my interest in cooking only grew bigger and I started my own restaurant at the age of 26.

Cooking is my passion. I learned Korean, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines and worked at and owned numerous restaurants in Korea, Hawaii, Alaska, and San Diego. I have enjoyed my successes and also learned from my mistakes. But just like a salmon swimming back to where it all started after a long journey, I came back to my natural roots: the Korean cuisine.

I believe that the essence of cooking a great meal – aside from fresh ingredients – is love and happiness. When we are happy, food comes out delicious and our customers are happy. This is why home-cooked meal is the best, made with love from your family. We do our best to replicate that.

Our mission is simple: we strive to provide delicious food and a comfortable atmosphere to leave warmth in your heart.

The owner and the head chef: Mr. Park